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Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling looks different from patient to patient, though the common goal of therapeutic treatment for mental health focuses on improving coping mechanisms and addressing negative thoughts and behaviors.

What is the Goal of Mental Health Counseling?

Patients may require mental health counseling for a variety of reasons and varying degrees of seriousness. Counseling provides a safe environment for patients to see a trained professional with the resources to help them reach their mental health goals and learn to cope with anxiety, depression, and several other mental health concerns.

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Types of Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling is tailored to the individual experiences and needs of the client. Based on your circumstances, a therapist will be able to assess your needs and assist with one of the six main approaches of counseling, which include:

  • Humanistic Approaches: focuses on the individual and the resources found within oneself.


  • Cognitive Approaches: emphasizes psychological and emotional factors of patients.


  • Behavioral Approaches: explores destructive behaviors and mindsets formed by one's environment.


  • Psychoanalytic Approaches: delves into the client's past experiences to better understand their current situation.


  • Constructionist Approaches: looking at the world and the patient through created social constructs that are influential.


  • Systemic Approaches: focusing on one’s social environment to explain the condition and struggles of the patient.

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Is Mental Health Counseling Effective?

While every patient's experience with counseling differs, studies have shown exceptional results regarding therapeutic practices. When conducted professionally, mental health counseling gives clients a more empathetic view of themselves and concrete ways to accomplish goals to benefit their lives. 


According to statistics, approximately 75% of patients who partake in mental health counseling expressed positive outcomes from their time meeting with a therapist. With a high success rate, this treatment has proven successful for many clients looking to understand themselves better and accomplish their long-term goals.

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