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Psychiatric Evaluations

A complete assessment with a goal to reach the right diagnosis for that patient and apply the best treatment for a healthier mental life.

Mental Health Services

We provide mental health services to patients in long-term facilities, catering to those who live with chronic illnesses (dementia, schizophrenia, and more).

Substance Abuse

We offer the right help and treatment for patients with substance abuse problems such as heroine, narcotics, alcohol, etc.

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Empathy Behavioral Health Services in Miami, FL

At Empathy Behavioral, we specialize in advanced psychiatric services for patients combating mental illness and substance abuse. We make it our mission to provide our patients with compassionate care and a doctor-patient relationship that consists of trust and security. Our psychiatrists will sit down with you to learn about your past and present experiences, and goals for your future.

Support group

Specializing in Compassionate Psychiatric Services

Medication Management
Substance Abuse Counseling
Mental Health Counseling
Outpatient & Individual Therapy
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IV Therapy Available

We believe that not only is it important to better your mental health, but it is also essential to align your body and mind and improve your physical health. IV Therapy provides a safe and fast-acting way to start feeling better, whether you need an immune booster or an anti-stress mixture. IV Therapy delivers vitamins and nutrients straight to your bloodstream to instantly help with dehydration and various health conditions.

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What People Say About Us

Excellent Provider and staff.  All my concerns were adressed immediately.

A great Psychiatric Office.

Thank you Sonia

Amazing providers!

I recommended a client to Empathy Behavioral and the results were very rewarding. I highly recommend this center to anyone in need of assistance.

This center was very beneficial for a very close friend of mine. The staff was amazing and very professional. I highly recommend this center to anyone.


Offering In-Person & Telehealth Psychiatric Care

At Empathy Behavioral, we understand that the changes in the world have opened new opportunities and ways for communication, and we are proud to adapt. We provide our patients with in-person or telehealth psychiatric care so they can receive the help they need, the way they need it. We tailor our psychiatric services around your needs so you can feel comfortable whether you’re at home, or in our office.

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